This Domain Has Been Suspended.
This account may be suspended for either one of 3 reasons: 1. domain expired 2. hosting expired. 3. Site may have been infected with virus or Malware
Domain accounts are set to auto renew based on the billing cycle.
If domain renewal fees are not received, domain will not renew and will be go to auto suspension.
Retrieval fees may apply for reclaiming the said domain from holding register.

Hosting is also set to auto renew through as initial set when opening account. Hor account to be suspended , it means renewal failed beyond the allowable grace period and all attempts to contact you to resolve the same also failed.

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible to resolve this issues.

Over time, you account may be infected with Malware, or if reported for spamming, would suspended to safeguard the server integrity. We recommend arranging for site maintenance service to monitor your site progress over time.

If action is not taken within the allowable period, we will assume site has been abandoned and deleted all files and domain from our servers.